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DISCLAIMER: EMPTY HEAD contains violent and bloody elements. This game is the result of the author's creation and imagination. 

[Psychological Horror - Mystery]

I've been inspired from other indie horror games such as The Cat Lady and Downfall (Remigiusz Michalski) and from my love for the psychological horror genre. The plot is entirely made up by me.

In the small hamlet of Elkedor lives the Baker family, isolated and almost ''inexistent'' for the townsfolk. Arold, family man and lawyer with no fame, enters in a difficult time of his life between alcholism and a falling apart marriage. His days began getting filled by drinking more and more, while his wife and their two children, Sarah and Thomas, started to get detached and cold. One night the two went missing. Desperate at the thought of losing them he decided to investigate until, thanks to clues found in the house, succeeds finding a hidden passage. Lies, compulsions and hatred are the summary of what underlies in the ambitious Baker family.

The full game features:
Blood | Alcohol Use | Disturbing Elements
Multiple Endings (True Ending - Neutral Ending - Bad Ending
1-2 Hours of Gameplay

Suicidal thoughts, Depression, Mentions of domestic abuse, Scopophobia, Organs


Arold Baker: Laura's husband and father of Sarah and Thomas. Brown hair, mustache and beard, thin, brown eyes. Our protagonist. A realist and friendly man, but sometimes he may seem rude.

Laura Baker: Arold's wife and mother of Sarah and Thomas. Short black hair, thin, blue eyes. An insecure and weak woman, but she would do anything for her family. She can't stand lots of things, including her husband's drinking problems.

Sarah Baker: Arold and Laura's daughter, young sister of Thomas. Black hair tied up in two small ribbons, thin, green eyes. Sarah has her head in the clouds half the time and shows no emotion whatsoever. Considered ''The mute girl'' in the hamlet. Her favourite plush is a teddy bear called ''Leo''.

Thomas Baker: Arold and Laura's son, big brother of Sarah. Brown hair, thin, green eyes. Thomas has a big passion for insects and his dream is to study entomology. He's cheerful and a little careless, his dad hopes he will be a successful lawyer.

And many others...

Minor Characters:

Hanna Meekins: Senior citizen of Elkedor, she lost her husband due to an incurable disease. She isn't quite sympathetic with the Baker family.


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I really liked this game. Great job!  I have a question: Is the music original? I am wondering if I should fight the copyright claims on my video. Thanks!

Thank you! The music I used was made by my composer and some of them were also free resource. You don't have to worry about the copyright :)


Can i post my gameplay for this game? :) on my utube channel?

Of course! :3


This is an interesting game so far.  Well done.

Thank you!


Here's the second video and I really like how you made use of the empty space outside of the play area to add in a bit more of a creep factor in.

Here's the last video for the game. I wish there was a bit more of a horror effect in the game towards the end. But that said, it's a good game.

I can understand, however I tried to focus more on the story ^^


I loved it! 

Thanks sweetie!


this is very beautiful ♥


Thank you!! You are so kind

You are very welcome kind sir or ma'm :) 




Thanks a lot for your gameplay! ♥