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Yikes, I'm having trouble with the part with all the mirrors. I'm mega stuck. But!! other than that, it is a really good game, it has such a great atmosphere, it really made me sit there and just stare at the screen in awe.

If you examine all the mirrors, you'll see that there are some symbols that are connected with numbers . You have to use them to open the door :3. Let me know if you need further help~

This game was amazing! it had a great plot, great music, and very emotional. It was a great RPG game!

Thank you so much! 


Enjoyed it a lot, pretty long for an rpgmaker horror game as well (2.5 hours in my case to 100% it and see all the endings). Hoping you'll make more games like this in the future because I'll always enjoy playing horror rpgmaker games.

Thanks a lot!

Really enjoyed it! Loved the characters and the music and the feels

Can't wait to see what else you make

Thank you! 


This was so much fun!! I got all the endings! Thank you for spending your time to make this incredible game for us to play~ :D

I'm glad you guys liked it!

I couldn't get the key to work in the room with the dead cat, after meeting white fox.

You have to use the first key with the locker ^^


Whoops, I completely forgot about that.

Thank you!

Don't worry! If you get stuck again, here's the full walkthrough :3


Hey, I really liked the idea even though the story telling confused me at times. I did a little video on it: 

Thanks for the video! It's meant to be like that at the beginning :P

Did you make this in VX Ace?


You think it'll be possible for me to help bring it over to RPG Maker MV?

Thanks for the offer, but there's no need for that ^^

You sure?


I really liked this game. Great job!  I have a question: Is the music original? I am wondering if I should fight the copyright claims on my video. Thanks!

Thank you! The music I used was made by my composer and some of them were also free resource. You don't have to worry about the copyright :)


Can i post my gameplay for this game? :) on my utube channel?

Of course! :3


This is an interesting game so far.  Well done.

Thank you!


Here's the second video and I really like how you made use of the empty space outside of the play area to add in a bit more of a creep factor in.

Here's the last video for the game. I wish there was a bit more of a horror effect in the game towards the end. But that said, it's a good game.

I can understand, however I tried to focus more on the story ^^

Man I loved that too


I loved it! 

Thanks sweetie!


this is very beautiful ♥


Thank you!! You are so kind

You are very welcome kind sir or ma'm :) 




Thanks a lot for your gameplay! ♥